In this restaurant, the design plays on the duality between hot and cold, north and south, timber and minerals. Besides, the strong element of this Parisian bistrot is a beautiful slate wall on which are noted the menus. Its originality lies in a variation of raw materials reinterpreted with delicacy and subtle work of contrasts: larch ceiling, wooden walls and furniture, slate tabletops, honey and dark tones... to give this space a friendly and contemporary vibe. 

Photos: Pierre Mendelssohn

Fontaines du Luxembourg ***

Water, fountains and Paris are the inspirations for this charming hotel located near the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. Second Empire style and Madeleine Castaing, great decorator of the 1930s, influenced the design of this cosy, elegant and poetic place. Another striking element is the bold work on strong colors and textures: mineral materials (chocolate sandstone soils, for example), patterned carpets specifically designed for the hotel... All rooms are different from each other. In each of them, some furniture designed by french artists (such as by Christophe Delcourt) harmonizes with Missoni and Ralph Lauren fabrics and large pictures of fountains and monuments. On the ground floor, a unique fresco drawn by french artist Frank Rezzak brings a whimsical feeling. Les Fontaines du Luxembourg unite every aspect of Fabrice Ausset talent, in a joyful cultural melting pot.

Photos: Pierre Mendelssohn

Le Flamboire

Le Flamboire porte bien son nom: ici, toute l'attention est focalisée sur l'impressionnant foyer où rôtissent au feu de bois de beaux quartiers carnassiers venus de chez Conquet en Aubrac. L'espace à la volumétrie simple et brute, au plafond ourlé de bois blond, de tonalités olive et de peaux de moutons est un clin d'oeil aux racines Aveyronnaises du patron. Loin des cantines néo-design, le Flamboire cultive son côté chaleureux, direct et brut, avec son mobilier chiné et revisité, ses murs boisés en épicéa, et un étonnant plafond tendu de laine rouge dans lequel sont figées quelques escarbilles échappées du feu qui crépite derrière le bar...

Photos: Véronique Mati

Saint Do ****

A transition between the past and the XXI century, is what this hotel is about. Located in Paris' historical centre, its conversion into an elegant four stars hotel is in progress, following a major transformation in creating two new buildings in the courtyard. Paris and its architectural wonders therefore served as inspiration for the decoration of the place, as evidenced by the graphic work on the bedheads evoking the capital. Custom made white furniture and vintage pieces from the 50's creates an interesting dialogue between round and straight lines. Last challenge of that project, the renovation of a wooden staircase dating from the seventeenth century.

La Ferrandaise

Creating a contemporary and timeless design was the biggest challenge in decorating this restaurant, specialized in Auvergne's gastronomy. Stone walls, wooden bases, beamed ceiling, an impressive fresco created by Caroline Benech lit by custom made lamps, all these details tend to evoke a certain rusticity without falling into clichés.

Photos: Pierre Mendelssohn

Saint Vincent ***

Located in the seventh district of Paris, the Saint Vincent hotel reveals one of the challenges in which Zoevox excels: the harmonious blending  of charm and classicism. To meet this challenge without falling into clichés, Fabrice Ausset used beige tones, dark woods, noble materials and clean lines in the furniture ... that blend to create refined living spaces and welcoming atmospheres. Another feature of the place was to preserve and renovate the door handles, the ancient windows and small details of the previous decor, these small tokens of the past creating a timeless atmosphere. 

photos: Whip

Etude Clos des Gourmets

A wink to Manet's famous painting "Déjeuner sur l'herbe" is the main inspiration for the renovation of this Parisian restaurant. Lightness, magic, surprise, love of travel ... will be created by a large lighted tree on the ceiling plaster, a dashing decor completed by a vegetal fresco especially drawn by the artist Frank Rezzak.

Etude Astor

Subtle lighting is the theme of this project of a four-star hotel restaurant near the Champs Élysées. Zenithal light will fall trough a spectacular glass roof that opens in fair weather. To create this immersion of nature in architecture, a metallic structure of plant patterns welcomes light suspensions and plant compositions, hanging over the room. The peaceful atmosphere comes from the careful choice of the materials paneling the walls: leather braided with gold strings and polished stainless steel.