Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné

Hotel Au Boeuf Couronné

The restaurant « Au Bœuf Couronné » is considerate like a mythical place created in 1865, under Napoléon III’s reign, the same year that « meat market » at la Villette. With its marketplace and its slaughterhouses, a real culture of beasts, and meat animated this parisian district where fluctuated restaurants, merchants, food-processing industries and storekeepers.

It was an animation which was also translated by colored facades, on which one took out letters  carefully accomplished for shops. 

This new project is inspired by the heritage of this time and by the spirit of the district which are new understanding with contemporary way. Lively and flashy colors neighbouring floral patterns reminding the quintessence of the City of Lights and its legendary gastronomy from products of campaigns.

Custom-made and metaphorics realisations come to enrich and to punctuate the space such as softness red velour armchairs whose the form is almost animal, but also lamps and golden wall lights raising like climbing plants. All of that is encircled in case of mural decoration in miles reflections reminded ears of corn in the sunshine.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere bring out of the restaurant which awaken the senses from the entrance.

AD Collections 2017